Laminate Flooring

Wooden floors and industrial parque

For wooden floors and industrial parquet

Laminate flooring is a thick strip of synthetic compressed wood consisting of 4 layers for extra protection

🔹 The lower layer ensures the correct straightness and lasting durability of the parquet

The second from the bottom is pasted over the first to isolate heat and moisture

🔹 The third from the bottom appears to the naked eye and is in many shapes and colors, which increase the aesthetic of the floor

🔹The fourth and outer layer is transparent, invisible, highly resistant to ensure that it is not damaged by daily use

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Parquet and wooden flooring industry

Industrial wood is used in the manufacture of parquet, and parquet goes through several stages until it is ready for use and installation.

The following video shows the different steps that HDF wood goes through to be transformed into parquet.

Parquet consists of a laminating layer, followed by a layer of shape and design, then a layer of HDF wood, followed by a layer to strengthen the wood board and protect it from moisture.

Parquet cleaning

Parquet and wood flooring are easy to clean and suitable for a fast-paced modern lifestyle.

4 important steps to keep your floors neat and clean:

🔹 Vacuum dust with a vacuum cleaner, taking into account the use of a soft piece to ensure that the floor does not display scratches

Wipe the parquet with a cloth slightly dampened with water only, and the parquet cannot be washed with water

It is preferable to open windows for ventilation and parquet drying

🔹 Do not use polishes excessively so that the wood does not lose its luster

Parquet uses

Wooden floors can be used in homes, palaces, malls, offices, galleries. You must take into account the suitability of designs for the lifestyle and daily use, so the floors are an integral part of the interior decoration of the place and a qualitative leap from renewal and change in the spirit of the place

The 10 most important features of parquet and parquet floors

🔹Easy to clean

The possibility of disassembling it and installing it in more than one place, so that it is installed with a click system

A natural aesthetic touch that acts as an insulator for heat and cold

It can be maintained by dismantling the damaged areas and replacing it with new parts of the same color

Various colors and shapes are available, including classic and modern

🔹 The price of parquet is affordable for everyone and it is the easiest and fastest solution to change home decor

🔹Can be installed on the wall

🔹 It does not trigger allergy problems such as carpet

🔹 It does not burn due to charcoal or cigarette butts

Resistant to water, moisture, scratches and shocks

Types of parquet and parquet flooring available at Enjaz Flooring Company
Synthetic wood or Laminate Flooring

The finishing floors have the finest types of parquet and flooring and include: Chinese, European, German parquet in different sizes ranging from 6 mm to 12 mm and different designs, colors and decorations that suit the tastes of our customers and can be installed anywhere and you can:

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SPC waterproof flooring is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
Made of processed limestone
Thickness is 4 mm
Floors are highly resistant and durable
Floors never affected by water
High resistance to scratch and moisture
Better than vinyl flooring because vinyl flooring can cause rot
Cement colors, wooden colors and carpeting are available
Choose the appropriate parquet and flooring

6 tips to help you choose the best types of parquet and flooring
You must take into account the function of the place and choose parquet with characteristics of durability, moisture resistance and scratching
The quality of the wood it is made of – German parquet is more quality then European then Chinese
It provides a warranty on installation, discoloration and mishandling
Provides installation service by professionals to ensure that no excessive quantities are consumed due to random crushing by non-specialists
Installing wooden parquet or waterproof floors, according to the use and exposing the floor to water
The color and thickness of the parquet, where light colors can be installed anywhere, but care must be taken when choosing dark colors, as it is not preferred to install them in a small closed room with light lighting
The 7 most important tips before installing parquet and parquet floors
Installing on flat ground, filling voids and cleaning the floor
Using insulating felt to reduce moisture and sound – and we offer it in Enjaz for free upon installation and selection of Enjaz flooring products
Installing parquet insoles with parquet to increase the beauty of parquet and better fix it (get a free completion guarantee when installing parquet and insoles)
Ensure that the doors are at least 2 cm high from the ground
Leave a space of 10 mm between the edge of the parquet and the wall to give a space for the parquet to expand, and this space is covered with the soles
Install a door spacer at the door and a wood spacer between rooms so that it can only be removed to make any modification or improvement to the parquet
High quality parquet selection and installation by professionals

Every detail of your home means a lot to us, so we at Enjaz Flooring Company strive to provide the best flooring and parquet products and we are pleased to serve you as an expert to choose and implement the best interior and exterior decorations. We also provide installation service by professional specialists.

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