They are installed at the bottom of the walls and there are several types of marble, wood, fiber and foam available, as well as different shapes, designs and sizes of each type.

Achievement Viper Insoles

Insoles made of treated plastic, 100% waterproof, and available in several different sizes, heights and shapes.

Enjaz Flooring Company is considered a leading company in the Saudi market and is distinguished in supplying, distributing and installing Enjaz insoles all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud to serve many clients such as contracting companies, engineering offices, universities, commercial markets and residential buildings.

In Enjaz Flooring Company, we provide Completion fiber insoles in the following sizes:

Fiber slippers achieve a height of 9 cm

Fiber slippers achieve a height of 10 cm

Fiber slippers achieve a height of 12 cm

Fiber slippers achieve a height of 13.8 cm

Fiber slippers achieve a height of 15 cm

Fiber slippers achieve a height of 20 cm

Uses of insoles

Soles are used to secure the wooden floor

Distinctively increase the aesthetic of the room

Close the space between the wall and the floor

Cladding of the ancient ceramic or marble sole

Hide any wall defects

Protect wall paint or wallpaper from water and moisture

Fiber insoles can be installed on the inner tray

Recommended by interior designers and interior designers

The 5 most important features of Viber insoles are achievement

Lightweight and easy to install

Innovative design

100% waterproof

Can be painted in a color that matches the wall or furniture

Its color is beautiful and elegant white and it does not change color with time

The 3 most important differences between fiber sole and foam soles:

The fiber sole can be painted in other colors, but the foam insoles cannot be painted

The fiber insole does not change color over time for its high quality, unlike the foam insole that changes color with time.

The whiteness of the fiber sole is more beautiful and brighter than the whiteness of the foam sole

The basics for choosing insoles for your home

The sole is chosen according to the size of the room, it is preferable to use higher soles in large rooms and lower soles in small rooms

In case of previous soles, it is preferable to choose insoles that cover the previous soles

Every detail of your home means a lot to us, so we at Enjaz Flooring Company strive to provide the best products and we work as an expert to help you implement the best interior and exterior decorations.

We also provide shipping service to all regions of the Kingdom for all our different products such as parquet, waterproof floors, soles, tires, claddings, floors or exterior claddings.

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