WPC Wall Panel

Fiber and exterior finishes

Internal and external fiberglass cladding is what is used to cover façades, walls and ceilings. Wall cladding varied so it includes paint, wallpaper, alternative to marble and parquet or WPC claddings, in this article we will talk about different modern and modern types of wall claddings.

Types of wall cladding and their features

Wall coverings are available, including internal and external

The interior cladding is made of treated plastic, which is a material used in interior decorations for cladding walls or doors and is available at Enjaz Flooring Company in several different sizes.

External claddings are made of plastic and treated WPC wood and are used for cladding walls of gardens, facades of villas or complexes. And the flooring company has a number of different colors, masters and veils

Interior wall coverings
Installing internal wall cladding

An easy, fast and practical solution for cladding walls, ceilings, or any surface that needs restoration without cracking. It is installed by adhesive bonding.

Places of internal cladding installation

Can be installed in a conference room, office space, reception area and corridors or any area that suffers from moisture and wear

The most important features of interior cladding

Easy to install and lightweight

Washable and washable

Affordable to everyone

Competitors to traditional products and unfashionable wall cladding and wall paint

Resistant to water, rust, moisture and mildew

Against wear and breakage

It can be painted and painted in any color suitable for furniture and decoration

An ideal solution for covering walls or ceilings that have been damaged by moisture

The interior cladding has been manufactured in international factories using the latest technology to ensure an unparalleled aesthetic and high quality for all clients of Enjaz Flooring Company.


It is what is used to cover facades, walls and ceilings, wall coverings varied to include paint, wallpaper, marble alternative and parquet wall or WPC claddings, in this article we will talk about different modern and modern types of wall coverings

External Wall Cladding

External decorations are ideal for designing an outdoor garden and covering the walls of the yard in the home or cladding the facades of residential or commercial buildings. It can also be used around swimming pools and in outdoor sessions and is installed using nails and iron anchors. The exterior cladding is distinguished by its ability to resist the harsh elements of nature such as wind, sun, heat, humidity and rain

The most important features of external wall cladding

High quality, highly resistant to various weather factors, long-lasting, natural wood colors, including a smooth surface and a rough surface, easy to clean with the achievement of knowing the difference, change the decorations and floors in your home using the latest solutions and the most modern products in the Saudi market. We are pleased to serve you as an expert to choose and implement the best decorations Interior and exterior We also provide installation service by professional specialists. We provide shipping service to all regions of the Kingdom for all our different products such as: – parquet, waterproof floors, soles, tires, claddings, floors or external claddings. Contact us for installation, implementation or shipping: 0556648773 Riyadh 0552667730 Dammam