Marble alternative

Marble alternative

Marble alternative is one of the modern products that has received worldwide attention

What is the alternative to marble?

Sheets of reinforced plastic, printed on the shape and veining of natural marble, and the colors of the artificial marble substitute vary in excess of the natural

Advantages of marble substitute

A quick solution to cladding and cladding walls or ceilings without cracking

Easy to clean

The elegance and luxury of natural marble, but at an affordable price

Resistant to moisture, bacteria and rust

Lightweight and available in multiple colors

A modern alternative to many murals

Made from environmentally friendly materials

Long-term life from 20-30 years

With the marble alternative, there is no need to change the wall paint and wallpaper every now and then

Places of use and installation of marble substitute

The marble substitute can be installed anywhere, depending on the decoration and the arrangement of the furniture. Below are examples and proposals for the locations of installing the marble substitute

Marble substitute can also be installed in:

Hotel corridors and entrances, reception rooms and councils, bedroom, TV backgrounds, conference hall, hotel lobby, entertainment centers, offices, exhibitions, mosques, clinics, universities

Enjaz Flooring Company provides trained technicians to install marble substitute and carry out various decoration works.

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